Dental Insurance Coverage & Information

Insurance for Dentist in Missoula

Discovery Dental is a fee-for-service establishment. However, your dental insurance may cover a portion of your treatment cost. The portion to be covered by insurance depends on your plan and the agreement the insurance company has with your employer.

Although Discovery Dental may not be in contractual arrangement with your insurance company, we do want to help you receive the maximum reimbursement to which you are entitled. As a convenience to you we will help you process your insurance claims in order for you to receive this maximum benefit. We will also gladly provide dental x-rays and a written diagnostic report should your insurance company have any questions about the services provided.

Regardless of any limitations imposed by your insurance company, we will always provide you with any and all options regarding your treatment plan. To do otherwise would violate our moral obligation to provide you the best possible dental care.

How to Find A Dentist That Accepts My Insurance

Discovery Dental will treat every patient whether they have dental insurance or not. This means that, as a patient, you can choose whatever dental treatment you want, not just whatever options your dental insurance might restrict you to. You are also able to choose us whatever network you’re in and don’t need to wait for approval from an insurance company before starting any treatments.

This also means that the patient is responsible for the cost of the treatment at the time of service. We will file all insurance claims for you, however, to ensure that you are reimbursed correctly as per your insurance plan details.

Whatever dental insurance you have, if any, you are welcome at Discovery Dental Group.

Does Discovery Dental Group Accept Dental Insurance?

Discovery Dental may or may not be in network with your insurance provider. Regardless, we will accept and submit your dental insurance information to maximize any benefits your plan provides. Please contact our office for any information

Full payment is expected at the time of service, unless partial payment arrangements have been made. We accept payment for dental services via Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. If you need help paying for dental services, financing options are available through CareCredit, a credit plan specifically for healthcare.

Fee-For-Service vs. Traditional Dental Insurance

Finding a dentist that accepts your insurance can be hard. You are restricted to a pool of in-network options, some of which might not be accepting new patients, might be inconvenient to travel to or you just don’t feel comfortable visiting. Discovery Dental Group in Missoula, MT gives every patient the opportunity to experience our top quality dental care, regardless of dental insurance network or status. Sometimes fee-for-service offices are also called out-of-network practices.

Here’s more information about Discovery Dental Group’s fee-for-service (FFS) dental office:

  • FFS offices like Discovery Dental Group can provide any type of dental treatment without waiting for insurance company approval
  • Patients can choose us without being restricted to in-network dentists
  • We will provide clear cost information and payment plan options in cases of complex treatments
  • We will still file your insurance claims for you!

If you’re having trouble finding a great dentist within your insurance network, come and see Discovery Dental Group. We provide comprehensive, advanced dental treatments in a friendly and welcoming office environment. If you have any questions regarding payment, insurance or financial issues, please get in touch or call 406.549.5861 and our office staff will be happy to help.