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Ready to start your journey towards a happier and healthier smile? We’re here to help!

At Discovery Dental, we strive to give every patient a great experience. That means streamlining your appointment and providing a fast, comfortable, and satisfying dentist visit.

We are currently accepting new and returning patients. To book your appointment with Discovery Dental Group, follow these simple steps:

1. Schedule an Appointment

Requesting an appointment on our website is quick and easy. New and returning patients can use this link to schedule an appointment:

If you’d rather talk to our team, you can call us at (406) 549-5861 to schedule your next appointment. We know that you have a busy life, and we’ll work to find a time that works for you.

2. Complete Your Forms

Before your appointment, you need to complete medical history forms. We’ll also collect information about your dental insurance to facilitate the billing process.

All our forms are available online. You can fill them out and submit them from your home computer. That means less time spent in our office and a faster, more efficient appointment.

Follow the links below to complete required forms.

For New Patients

All new patients must complete our new patient forms.

These forms include information about your:

  • Medical history

  • Contact information

  • Emergency contact

  • Dental insurance

  • Patient rights

  • Dental records

This information helps us prepare for your visit. It allows us to create a plan for high-quality care that is safe, relevant to your needs, and affordable.

Once you’ve scheduled an appointment and submitted your new patient forms, you’re ready to visit our office!

Ward off any nervous feelings by mentally preparing for your appointment. Click here to learn more about what to expect during your first visit to Discovery Dental. You can also take a virtual tour of our office to orient yourself.

For Returning Patients

For Returning Patients

We’re happy to welcome returning patients back to our office!

We ask that all patients keep us up-to-date on their medical history by completing our medical history update form.

This form alerts your dentist to any new allergies or medical conditions that might impact your dental care.

Other Options

We highly recommend that all patients fill out their patient paperwork using the links above.

If you’re having trouble with the online forms, don’t panic. You can fill out a paper copy in our office before your appointment.

If you plan to complete your forms in our office, we ask that you arrive to your appointment a few minutes early.

Need Help?

For additional help, call our office at (406) 549-5861. We’re here to answer all your questions!